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Liittyi 17 joulukuu 2016
Winter friends

Hello, I love doing Picmix's for family and friends. Please feel free to use for yourself, and thank you all for votes and your beautiful messages. Enjoy cheers.x

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Animals Of War
Poppy Day
Armistice Day
Australia on fire
New Year 2020
Firefighter #
Winter friends
Portrait of a bullfighter
Return of the Siren
Simply Black & Gold
Shirley Temple
Portrait with hat
Pretty in purple
Peacock woman portrait
Marlene Dietrich #
Marlene Dietrich
Happy Birthday Marion
Happy Birthday Judy
Missing you
Vegetable Harvest
Mermaid mother & baby
Farewell at the station.
Sunset # silhouette
Spring #1
Spring #
Stairway to Heaven #
Cruise time #
Firefighter #
I Love Fruit #
True Love #
Tigers # and parrots in jungle
Footsteps in sand #
Goat at the beach

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poppy flowers bppoppy flowers bppoppy flowers bppoppy flowers bppoppy flowers bppoppy flowers bppoppy flowers bppoppy flowers bpANZAC bpANZAC bpSecret Santa shhh bpSanta bpSanta bpSanta bpSanta bpSanta bp

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matouxxxet Cie
· 11 elokuu 2021
Merci pour vos tubes, stickers, ils sont magnifiques.
:x de tout 💛
matouxxxet Cie
· 31 heinäkuu 2021
Merci pour ton passage, commentaires, notes et votes.💙
Je te souhaite un doux week-end plein de 🌞 et de joie
avec ta famille, tes amis et aussi 😻🐶🐰 :) .🐟🐓
Prends surtout soin de ta santé.
Amitiés :x :x
Our hearts have been to battle
· 13 tammikuu 2021
You have very beautiful creations :x
Gundam Deathscythe
· 1 lokakuu 2020
Beautiful Picmix art
Jésus est né
· 2 maaliskuu 2020
bonjour de la Russie ! I love the spring.
For every day
There’s something new
That’s come to stay.
Another bud,
Another bird,
Another flower
That comes from the earth
· 27 syyskuu 2019
thank you for nice comments >:D<
Cyberpunk Man
· 22 syyskuu 2019
hi ! many thanks for the comments and voting, wish you a happy mood Edward
· 22 syyskuu 2019
beautiful creations :x
· 5 syyskuu 2019
Merci beaucoup pour le vote et la belle note .
Belle journée !:)
Bonne journée ⛄🎄🎅🏻
· 29 elokuu 2019
Merci pour votre visite, bons commentaires et notes ❤️🌼

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