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I like making creations since a dozen years.

My sister is on this site for her work of Psychotherapist with the children.

I am an obstetrician at the end of training.

I love the children, the animals, the reading a

PicMix (25)

HAVING AN OVERLOAD OF WORK with MATERNITY - I find more the time to pass regularly because my breaks are shortened of 20 minutes  - limitation of staff of in at the beginning of the annual holidays.
Yuki attent patiently her boyfriend to go to put back his bouquet studed  to their common friend, Lya, who is well sick <3 <3 <3
PRESENT FOR ALL MY FRIENDS * Dada1956 *  alairi * hellonana * Khrystanae  * lasie * maguy *  maryse51 * MikuHatsune1419  * missanna52 *  mykanoto *  nourhoda  * OUDDOULA *  pandepandora *  RaphiRaf *  robea * * Vanessa.
GOOD WEEK in ALL - Ylona, the mysterious... - PSP with animation PicMix
ON BREAK FOR A WEEK - Bye for now !! - Friendly !!
PRESENT FOR MY LITTLE SISTER - She like Coco Chanel - Blingee and PicMix Animation
It is on Sunday!! GOOD DAY - Blingee and PicMix animation
Ophéa, the fairy of the autumn seasons, year after year... - PSP and PicMix animation - Season of the brilliant colors, the crackling of the sheets which fall, of the picking of mushrooms or blackberries.../...
The lunar fairy fascinated by the evening star - PSP and PicMix animation
Present for my Sister Valéry - Madness of Mode - Blingee and Picmix amination
The walk of Marie Antoinette and his sheep favourite in a parallel world - PSP and PicMix animation - Marie Antoinette helped provoke the popular unrest that led to the French Revolution and to the overthrow of the monarchy in August 1792.
Galloping horse in the tropics...
<3 <3 <3 Present for my Mother Vera <3 <3 <3 Vanessa & Valery join me... LOVE ! <3 <3 <3
The Fourth Dimension - Creation PSP and PicMix animation - The imagination is without limit, it does not limit us to the world of the visible and it takes us in quite different vibrations...
Present for You - Hello my Friend - It is for each thus granted to the singular -  A lot of Kisses !! Have a nice Day !!
<3 <3 <3 In May 31st, 2015 in France - EXCELLENT MOTHER'S DAY !!!  <3 <3 <3
Beautiful put to sleepy under a cherry tree supplied with sun - Kissed cherries, shefilled her low-fronted shoe with it twinkling - PSP and PicMix animation ------- There was fifteen days, my adored, that you had not come have lunch with me.
- BUONASERA - مساء الخير  - GOOD EVENING - ערב טוב -  BONSOIR - 今晩は - BOA NOITE ------- PSP and PICMIX animation
It is just for tormenting you !  - LOVE YOU & YOU LOVE ME !!! ------------  Love song : to like is stronger than to be liked   Song lyrics of love and music : Daniel Balavoine.../...
Lady Gothic and her studed parrots - PSP and PicMix animation ------- Gothic song -  Beautiful bride, I like your tears! It is the dew Which becomes to flowers. The beautiful things have only a spring, Let us.
Princess of the Thousand and one Night of East - PSP and PicMix animation - The Look ------ I saw appeals more shrill than shouts there, The most beautiful sentences, surer than in writing. They tell you love, they tell you the hatred.
The Woman Frustrated to wait for her Love - PSP and PicMix animation ------ He has the thrifty look He has the rare verb, that pleases me He likes the song of doves and the smell of the coffee And these little gifts which we make without thinking of it
Sonata by moonlight for Lady Carnaval  - PSP creation  with PicMix animation
Peaceful moment - PSP and PicMix animation

Stickers (238)

Ladybird - DECORATION VERTICAL LINE - heartsLadybird - ROSETTE COEURSLadybird - ButterflyLadybird - FairyLadybird - WordLadybird - DECORATION VERTICAL LINE - dog and flowersLadybird - RoseLadybird - ButterfliesLadybird - SPRITELadybird - Décoration vertical line  DOLPHINSLadybird - Betty BOOPLadybird - SPRITESLadybird - SMILEYLadybird - WordLadybird - StarsLadybird - decoration FLOWERS with egg

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· 27 kesäkuu 2015
what is your name
création originale de maguy ♫♫
· 19 kesäkuu 2015
hello ladybird je passe te souhaiter un beau week end kiss amitié ♥♥
Ma création
· 18 kesäkuu 2015
Hello Ladybird,
Thanks a lot for your nice com and note...♥♥♥
Have a beautiful day
Kisses anf friendship...:-*
Viva la Música
· 15 kesäkuu 2015
Vos creations sont magnifiques !! Merci pour toutes vos bonnes notes. Lola :)

Your creations are magnificent !! Thank you for all your good grades. Lola :)

¡ Su creations son magníficos! ¡! Gracias por todas sus buenas notas. Lola :)
A ma petite fille  (14 ans)
· 10 kesäkuu 2015
Merci pour ta note, bisous :)
· 10 kesäkuu 2015
Merci pour tes notes et com ♥
création originale de maguy ♫♫
· 10 kesäkuu 2015
bonjour merci pour les coms et notes bonne journée bisous amitié ♥♥
Ma création
· 10 kesäkuu 2015
Hello Vivien,
Thanks very much for your nice com and notes....♥♥♥
I wish you a very nice day
Kisses and friendship...:-*
· 10 kesäkuu 2015
Un gros merci pour tes commentaire et notes bonne journée
Ma création
· 9 kesäkuu 2015
Bonjour Ladybird,
Merci beaucoup pour tes gentils coms et note...♥♥♥
Je te souhaite une bonne après midi
Bisous et Amitié...:-*

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