Hi, my name is Chris and I am from Australia.

💜Birthday is 26th January 1957💜


********** I have changed my profile name from Roo_Gal26 to Chris-26 **********

I love looking at all the beautiful and amazing creations on PicMix. There are many talented people.

💜 Thank you for votes and comments in advance - always appreciated. 💜

♡♡ Have A Lovely Day ♡♡

💜 Take care and stay safe.💜

16/05/2022 14:39

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Have A Lovely Weekend
~With Sincere Sympathy~
Good Morning
Stopping by to say Hello...
Good Morning... Vintage
Good Night
Enjoy Your Day
Thank You Friend ~ Vintage
Vintage Bride
Thank You Friend
Portrait of an Asian Woman
Portrait of A Woman
Sweet Dreams
Contest - Have A Nice Day
Vintage Family~Grandma and Grand Children
Portrait of a  little girl and her cat
Portrait of a Vintage Lady
The Green Machine
Winter Is Coming         (Australia)
Portrait Of A woman ~Bonjour
Portrait Of A woman ~Black and White
Portrait Of A woman
Portrait Of A woman _ Hello Friend
Portrait of a woman
The Swan
Vintage Girls
Happy 72nd Birthday Cheryl. (personal)
Favourite Actor
Fantasy Woman ~ Purple
Portrait Of A Lady ~ Vintage
Have A Beautiful Day
Portrait of a Lady

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Hello my friend
· siellä 18 tuntia
😃💛😘💋🙋💜 Happy Friday to you, my friend! It's going to be a wonderful weekend! May the Angels bless your day, may all your cares be lifted and may you have a perfect day. Sending you a HUG🤗 and a SMILE🙂 to show I care. Stay safe always 🌈🦄💙
The Angel of Light
· siellä 1 päivä
🐞🐞Happy Weekend🐞🐞🐞
🐞🐞🐞....Chris..... ❤️🐞🐞🐞
🐞🐞🐞Thanks for al.🐞🐞🐞
🐞🐞Have a good time.🐞🐞
Hello my friend
· siellä 1 päivä
🙋💜😃💛😘💖 Good Day, my precious friend. Doing well? Stopping by to thank you for your comment/rate. I am very appreciative. May you begin this day with a smile on your face, happiness in your soul and a heart filled with loving kindness for everyone. Sending you a HUG🤗 and a SMILE🙂 to let you know I care. Stay safe always.🌈🦄💙
Have a nice day
· siellä 1 päivä
Hello dear Chris
A big thank you for everything my friend and wish you a beautiful evening or day, friendly kisses
Rose :x :x
Hello my friend
· siellä 2 päivää
🙋💜😁💛😘💋 Hello to you, sweetness. How are you? Today I wish for you HAPPINESS in every step you take. May the goodness of the Lord follow you wherever you go. Sending you a HUG🤗 and a SMILE😃 to brighten your day. Have a good day. 🌈🦄💙 Stay safe always
korean girl
· siellä 5 päivää
Lundi, premier jour pour une semaine vitaminée et haute en couleurs 🌈
Merci pour vos visites, notes, votes et commentaires !
Passez une excellente journée ! ☀️☀️☀️🌸❤️🌸☀️☀️☀️
Have a nice day ! ☀️☀️☀️🌸❤️🌸☀️☀️☀️
· siellä 5 päivää
Günaydın canım güzel ve mutlu bir hafta olsun sizin için.💝 Ziyaretleriniz ,beğenileriniz için çok Teşekkür ederim :x 💝💝 :x :x 💝
· siellä 6 päivää
ευχαριστώ πολύ φίλη μου για τα πολύ
όμορφα σχόλιά σου,και της σημειώσεις,
φιλιά-φιλίας μου 🌺
Hello my friend
· siellä 7 päivää
🌈😃💛😘💋 It's Friday! Good Day to you, my wonderful friend! Thank you for your comments/rates. So sweet of you. May God watch over you and your family and keep you safe. Sending you a HUG 🤗 and a SMILE 😄 Have an awesome day! 🌈🦄💜
· siellä 8 päivää
Beğeni için Teşekkür ederim@};- ☆☆•**•.¸(♥‿♥)¸.•**•☆☆@};-
Keyifli bir hafta sonu dilerim @};-@};-@};-

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